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EY Seren

We help organisations re-imagine how they grow, by putting the human first.

Creating growth

We help organisations achieve growth by serving the needs of people, communities and the planet.

Growth Acceleration Programmes
Design of services
Business Model Transformations

Growth stories

Every project presents a unique opportunity to affect the way people work and live, so every project creates its own transformation story.

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Using a digital customer experience approach to grow a large media business

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Building a 'dream state' customer experience for a leading telecoms provider

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What drives us

Our three core values are at the heart of everything we do. It’s our values that help keep us pointing in the right direction and delivering purposeful work.

Individual wellbeing, inclusiveness and diversity
Shaping the future of society and work
Caring about planet earth and its finite resources

Human insight

It takes curious, passionate people to re-shape organisations based on human empathy. Could you be one of them?